Wilfredo Prieto: SuperMinimalism

Untitled (Twelve Deaths), N.D. Pen on paper Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto (1978) has continuously characterized his work with simplicity. His sculptures, installations, drawings and paintings function as tools for exploring social and [...]

Tomás Saraceno: Spider Dimensions

Carina, 2013 Acrylic, carbon fibre, spidersilk, Dedolight 24V 150W, Muraro tripod Hidden within many of Tomás Saraceno’s grand visions of cloud cities, climbable structures, and solar balloons, a single thread runs through his [...]

Abraham Cruzvillegas: Self-Construction

Autorretrato ciego sacando chispas después de haberme empujado doscientos gramos de palomitas, ciento cincuenta de gomitas, trescientos de Cheeto’s, dos litros de cerveza indio, y cuarentavos cacahuates japoneses…, 2018 Acrylic paint [...]

Jim Shaw: Self-Pop-Portrait

Untitled (Self Portrait Green), 2010, Oil on plywood “Jim Shaw is the kind of artist who willfully seeks out the devil in the details, not only on the formal level—in meticulously executed drawings, paintings, sculpture and [...]

Justin Lieberman: Farce

From left to right: Feminine Revision Reclamation, 2005, Mixed media on panel. Ascent of the Invertebrates, 2005, Mixed media on panel. More, More, 2004, Mix media on paper. Justin Lieberman was born in Gainesville, Miami, in 1977. [...]

Collegium presentation in Arévalo

Dear friends, Collegium for the first time opens its doors and shares its growth plans with the community that welcomes it and will make it its own: Arévalo, Spain. Located in the church of San Martín, it will be open to the public [...]