Wilhem Sasnal: Kitsch War

Wilhelm Sasnal’s approach to painting is traditional and formal, yet he enjoys subverting the subject matter by often borrowing subjects from art history, 20th century propaganda, and photojournalism. Usually with dark undertones, [...]

Ryan Gander: Agent of Redistribution

Ryan Gander’s varied artistic production ranges from sculpture, film, writing, graphic design, installation, and performance have established him as an internationally recognized artist. With the basis of questioning language and [...]

Ibrahim Mahama: Trading in Art

Famous for creating installations using Jute sacks, Ibrahim Mahama is an artist working with re-appropriated material purchased from markets in Ghana, where he currently lives and works. Architecture, and the dissonance between its [...]

Herbert Hamak: The Judd Influence

Starting in the early 1960’s, the Minimalist period was characterized by unitary objects with geometric forms and patterns, in which industrial materials were often incorporated, blurring the boundaries between painting and [...]