Collegium presentation in Arévalo

Dear friends, Collegium for the first time opens its doors and shares its growth plans with the community that welcomes it and will make it its own: Arévalo, Spain. Located in the church of San Martín, it will be open to the public [...]

Roe Ethridge: Peephole into heaven

Paradis, 2010 Epson print, 5 parts Roe Ethridge’s photographs have always had a sense of allure for the viewer, enticing the eye into their subverted layers and subtle misalignments, demanding a second, and if not a third look. He [...]

Motoshag by Robert Chambers

MotoShag, 2000 1989 Harley Davidson, 1989 Raleigh, electrical components and aluminum Robert Chambers is known for his forward-minded, original talents.[1] His artistic production over the years has used an astonishing array of [...]

Nicolás Bacal: Paradox Fragility

, 2010 Eyeglasses, thread, helium balloons The artistic production of Nicolás Bacal is based around the use of everyday objects and focuses the orbits of each artwork around every viewer that it comes into contact with. The [...]

Dove Allouche: Negative Capability

Cladosporium, sphaerospermum CNCA 13 MA #35 , 2017 Photolitograph and hand-blown crown glass French artist Dove Allouche has a remarkable ability to renew his own language while remaining faithful to his original working methodology. [...]

From the Negative: Juan Carlo Alom

Left: República de Cuba, 2012 Right: Puño de tigre, 2010 Juan Carlos Alom was born in Cuba in 1964, studying photography at the Semiotica del Entorno Cubano at the Institute of International Journalism, in Havana. Alom started his [...]