The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: The Architect’s Studio featuring Tatiana Bilbao

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2019 @sebastianvdp

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has recently inaugurated the third exhibition in the series The Architect’s Studio featuring the Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao. The architect and her Studio represent a generation of architects aspiring to much more than just creating good architecture, going beyond housing but analyzing landscapes and social conditions. Bilbao Studio’s working method and philosophy are fashioned from social inequalities in Mexico City, the birthplace of Tatiana, and believe in exploring current demarcations of the field of architecture.

Growing up in Mexico allowed the flourishing talent to challenge expectations and previous interpretations of her home country’s historical culture and traditions. Landscapes, both urban and country, have always played a crucial role in her work, however, her ability and edge to design structures regarding their social reputation is what is gained her international acclaim, The Architect’s Studio has categorized her, “social commitment is like a built-in reflex – a way of thinking.”[1]

Tatiana Bilbao finishing touches. @mettemariekallehauge

Rich in projects with economic and artistic opportunities, Tatiana has been able to experiment and develop an architectural vocabulary beyond that of a traditional architect. From addressing initiatives in the Mexican State ensuring all Mexicans their constitutional right to a home to making sustainable aquariums, she is determining a future of architects one can only dream of.

BUILDING UP TO BILBAO✏️ 📐 @louisianamuseum

Her exhibition is located 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which has gained a reputation as a museum in touch with the zeitgeist of the contemporary art world. The reference of using this museum resonates with the ideals of the architect herself as the curators of the exhibition, Kjeld Kjeldsen and Mette Marie Kallenhauge, explained, “The Louisiana Museum is a really beautiful museum but incredibly embedded in the Danish landscape, not only the physical landscape but also in the social, political, and cultural landscapes of Denmark. We operate in a completely different landscape; it’s almost 180 degrees in all the senses.”[2] It is with this in mind that Adrastus Collection found this exhibition so thrilling, not only does it exhibit in a museum with ideals of architecture, which are so close to our hearts but also features our project Collegium within the exhibit itself. Not only would one be able to experience the aesthesis of this but also one will be able to read into depth about our ongoing project.

Collegium ©Tatiana Bilbao Studio

The Adrastus Collection is a project developed with nature and vocation to generate social change, sustainable intellectual stimulation and perpetuate wellbeing. Javier and Lorena Lumbreras conceived of this project as they believed that art has the power to trigger and enhance an understanding of ourselves and to build vibrant societies. Collegium is the vision of placing this art collection in a restored and honored building, important to the town of Arevalo in Spain and integrating its academic and intellectual histories into a center of art, investigation, conservation and production. This innovative contemporary art museum will be discussed as a monument to social change as well as an educational institute when you visit Lousiana.

Collegium ©Tatiana Bilbao Studio

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